Hillsound Trail Crampons

$60.00 CAD $75.00 CAD

  • Superior Traction

    Whether you’re walking along your city sidewalks or hiking through local parks, the Hillsound Trail Crampon will provide superior traction on trails covered in ice, snow, and even mud.

    Tested on the trails of the Himalayas, the Trail Crampon is designed to handle diverse winter terrain and weather conditions. Utilizing an ergonomic plate system, this crampon provides excellent traction, reduces muscular fatigue and gives you confidence for your winter wilderness pursuits - and walks with your dog!

    The 11 heat-treated carbon steel spikes are on a hinged plate that flexes with each step, allowing you to walk naturally - and gives you unbeatable grip.

    Be safe. Walk with confidence - Get a grip!

    • Secure fit: Velcro strap across the foot and textured elastomer harness (inside) for extra grip to the shoe.
    • Reliable grip and comfortable: 11 carbon steel 2/3 inch (1.7 cm) spikes that are dispersed across a broad area as well as an ergonomic plate system. Enables even weight distribution and reduces muscle fatigue.
    • Versatile: Can be worn with hiking shoes (flexible soles), hiking boots (rigid soles) and insulated boots (winter boots, waders) and suitable for several different types of snowy, icy and muddy settings.
    • Carry bag included: A convenient puncture-proof carry bag for storage before & after your adventure.



    Weight: 16.3 oz (462 g), size M pair

    Spikes Length: 2/3" (1.7 cm)

    Number of spikes: 11

    • Hiking, Dog walking (ice, snow, mud)
    • Backpacking (ice, snow, mud)


    About Hillsound: Headquartered in Vancouver BC, Hillsound is made up of outdoor enthusiasts and weekend warriors alike - all passionate about how to make outdoor recreation safer and more approachable. With more than 10 years of testing and designing in the Canadian wilderness and counting, Hillsound continues to reach different sections of the outdoor world, catering to people who enjoy hiking, backpacking, camping, hunting & fishing, travel, and more.

  • Sizing

    The size chart is used as a guide. Actual fit may vary depending on style and make of footwear.

    View the size guide in the images or download the Hillsound Trail Crampon and FreeSteps6 Size Chart to find the right size to best fit your foot and footwear.

  • Materials
    • Heat-treated carbon steel spikes and plate system
    • Stainless steel chains
    • Elastomer harness


    Care Instructions After Use
    • Rinse with fresh/tap water
    • Dry thoroughly
    • Store in a dry place indoors