Pet First Aid Kit

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  • Have the ability and knowledge to provide emergency help for your pet. Comes with First Aid instructions and most everything you'd need in a first-response situation.


    Designed in partnership with Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid

    Kit organizes supplies into clear vinyl pockets for easy access

    Durable bright orange fabric is highly visible

    Reflective piping makes it easy to find in low light situations

    Zipper extenders allow you to open the kit while wearing gloves

    Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid manual offers easy to follow instructions

  • Contents include:

    1 x Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid Manual

    1 x Exam Gloves (latex free)

    1 x First Aid Tape

    1 x Blunt Tip Scissors

    4 x Gauze Pads (7.5cm x 7.5cm)

    4 x Gauze Pads (5cm x 7.6cm)

    3 x Gauze Rolls

    1 x Saline Solution

    8 x Antiseptic Wipes

    2 x Wooden Tongue Depressor

    1 x Reusable Cloth Triangle Bandage

    1 x Instant Cold Pack

    2 x Patch Adhesive Bandage

    1 x Elastic Bandage

    1 x Emergency Blanket