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  • For Joint Health, Energy and Vitality

    CanEVA™ PETS is a pure and natural dietary supplement promoting joint health, energy and vitality in dogs (and cats). CanEVA is made from 100% natural Elk Velvet Antler – no preservatives, no colours or additives, non-GMO and sustainable. Every lot and batch is tested for purity and potency. Made in Meaford, Ontario - Support local!

    Active Ingredients
    • Glucosamine: A building block needed for the body to repair and make cartilage
    • Chondroitin: A Protein that promotes joint cartilage growth and repair
    • Collagen: The main support of skin, tendon, bone, cartilage and connective tissue
    • Hyaluronic Acid: Nature’s Lubricant for skin, joints and eyes
    • Omegas 3 and 6: For energy and cell repair
    • Calcium, Magnesium: To maintain strong bones and teeth
    • Growth Factors: Including IGF, EGF, Amino Acids to build muscle mass and strength


    • Calcium: Essential for strong teeth and bones
    • Selenium: Helps reduce infection and protect blood cells, heart, liver, and lungs
    • Magnesium: Aids cells in restoring and releasing energy
    • Potassium: A trace element that is essential for nerve and heart function
    • Phosphorus: Contributes to bone and teeth growth
    • 8 Essential Amino Acids: The building blocks of all tissue

    Testimonial... "Increased range of motion and greater vitality has been the great majority experience of dogs taking CanEVA Pets. I highly recommend it." ~ Dr. Leo K Rosenberg, Animal Chiropractor, Rosenberg Chiropractor Clinic, Etobicoke, Ontario

    About CanEVA

    CanEVA is a Canadian company established in 2005 by two Ontario elk farming families, Eric and Dale Robinson, business owners and David Harper and Barbara Wright, veterans of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Following David’s untimely death in 2009, the elk are now raised solely on the Robinson’s farm. In January 2014, Barbara bought the Robinson’s share of the company. The antler for the CanEVA products continues to come from the Robinson’s farm. Barbara continues the tradition of their commitment to provide a pure, safe and natural product to benefit CanEVA’s customers.

  • 3 Sizes

    15 g Powder, includes a 1/4 gm (250 mg) plastic scoop

    70 g Powder, includes a 1/4 gm (250 mg) plastic scoop

    60 Capsules

  • Dosing is based on weight

    0 – 4.5 kg (0 – 10 lb): ½ scoop twice daily. For ease of proper dosing, capsules are not recommended for dogs or cats under 4.5 kg (10 lb)

    4.5 – 22.5 kg (10 lb – 50 lb): 1 scoop twice daily OR 1 capsule twice daily

    22.5 kg – 41 kg (50 – 90 lb): 2 scoops twice daily OR 2 capsules twice daily

    Over 41 kg (90 lb): 3 scoops twice daily OR 3 capsules twice daily

    The full daily dose can be given once a day if animal shows no signs of change in ingestion. Introduce all supplements to a pet’s diet on a gradual basis. Add to wet or dry dog or cat food or can be administered orally on a full stomach. One level scoop can be substituted for one capsule.

    CAUTION: Not for use in pregnant or lactating animals as safety in these animals is not known. Consult with your veterinarian before using this product in animals with liver or respiratory disease, clotting disorders.