Ruffwear Quencher Cinch Top

  • waterproof, collapsible, closeable bowl

    The Ruffwear Quencher Cinch Top™ bowl both stores dog food and functions as a bowl, so there's no need for separate food containers or bags, and no stray dog food rolling around in the bottom of your bag. Just fill this bowl with your buddy's favorite kibble, pull the drawstrings closed, and head out. Unbeatable for hungry dogs on the trail, at base camp, or in a vehicle.

    • Packable, lightweight food and water bowl
    • Integrated drawstring closure
    • Available in two sizes: 1 and 2.5 liters
    • Durable, long-lasting polyester outer fabric
    • Guaranteed waterproof liner
    • Enhanced visibility with integrated reflective trim
    • Machine washable
    • Made in Vietnam
  • Opening
    • M 14 cm (5.5 in)
    • L 18 cm (7.0 in)
    • M 1.0 L (1.1 qt)
    • L 2.5 L (2.6 qt)
    • Wash in cold water
    • Gentle cycle
    • Mild detergent
    • Air dry