Summit Trex - Pairs

  • Everyday paw protection

    Sold in pairs. Also available as a set of 4!

    Summit Trex™ dog boots provide everyday traction and paw protection from extreme temperatures, abrasive surfaces, and salt or other snowmelt chemicals. The Ruffwear-designed outsole provides flexible traction while the durable, weather-resistant ripstop upper blocks moisture and debris. A hook-and-loop closure system creates a secure and comfortable fit.

    • Protects dogs' paws from abrasive surfaces and snowmelt chemicals
    • Moisture and debris stay out via weather-resistant ripstop upper
    • Traction that’s flexible with a non-marking outsole
    • Reliable, intuitive hook-and-loop cinch closure system
    • Available in sets of two or four
  • Paw Width
    • 4XS 38 mm (1.50 in)
    • 3XS 44 mm (1.75 in)
    • XXS 51 mm (2.00 in)
    • XS 57 mm (2.25 in)
    • S 64 mm (2.50 in)
    • M 70 mm (2.75 in)
    • L 76 mm (3.00 in)
    • XL 83 mm (3.25 in)


    Download the Ruffwear Paw Measurement Chart to find the right size boots for your dog.

    • Secure fasteners
    • Wash in cold water
    • Gentle cycle
    • Mild detergent
    • Air dry

    5 out of 5 *****
    Dog's Name: Phantom
    Date of Review: 9/16/2015
    We kick up our paws in: Austin, TX
    My canine companion(s): Boston Terrier

    Love this product

    Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

    These are a bit pricey but soooo worth the cost! Phantom is such a water dog and is non stop when we are around it. He would run around the pool/ lake on the hot cement hopping in and out of the pool with soggy feet causing his pads and nails to just disappear. It would break my heart to have to lock him up because he did not stop even though he had literally ran his pads off. Then the next week of recovery was so pathetic and heart breaking to see him suffer. So I went on a quest to find the best water sock/ shoe to hold up to his rambunctiousness. It sure was a challenge locating shoes that will work for him along with getting the sizing correct. I finally found this brand and decided to pull the trigger. They were a perfect fit ( the fitting was super helpful!) and he loves them. The are super cute and float in the water if they do happen to slip off you can locate them. I would highly recommend this product to any dog lover!!

    5 out of 5 *****
    Dog's Name: Zoey
    Date of Review: 8/16/2015
    We kick up our paws in: California
    My canine companion(s): Pug

    Love the soles

    Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

    Definitely recommend getting socks to help keep the dew claw catching on the shoe. They work wonders and now my mom is not having to worry about her pups feet being burned. Even at 8-9pm at night her poor pugs pads were getting burned because it was so hot during the day. Now she can walk her with no fear of this.

    4 out of 5 ****
    Dog's Name: Le'eth
    Date of Review: 2/13/2016
    We kick up our paws in: Colorado
    My canine companion(s): Bassett/lab mix

    Better than others

    Would you recommend this product?.: Yes!

    Finding dog shoes that stay on and don't rub anything raw seems like an impossible task. My service dog goes everywhere, though, and needs something to protect his feet in winter from chemical ice melt and in summer from hot asphalt. One pro is that he does not mind these boots. It took a few times of wearing them around the house before he learned to walk in them, but that is normal. And thankfully, he does not chew at them to get them off! I have never really used the boots without liners. My dog has dew claws and the socks make putting the boots on much easier. The socks also keep the boots in place and keep his toenails from puncturing the top of the boots. These boots do take a while to put on. But I suspect that if I did it every day, I would get faster at getting them on him. No boot is going to go on quickly. The back boots go on relatively quickly and easily. But unfortunately, they also fall off. They are sized properly. But because of the bassett feet, his first prominent joint is above the top of the velcro/knit top. So there is nothing to help hold them on. They stay on decently well if I tighten the straps very tightly, but then they rub the fur off his leg because they are too tight. He does not pull them off, but they fall off when caught on something while playing in deep snow. The front boots are a lot harder to get on all the way. But the velcro closes above his ankle joint so those have never fallen off. I tighten them tightly, but not as tight as the back ones. They have never rubbed anything raw and have never fallen off. Too bad his hind feet aren't the same! I much prefer the grey color to the orange, but have had trouble finding the boots in the snow when they fell off. So keep in mind that the orange is easier to see! Overall, these are high-quality boots. The soles are thick yet flexible. And the knit top helps to keep debris, snow, etc. out of the shoes. Others have mentioned problems with the knit top unraveling, but I have not had that issue. (I also use socks, so his nails cannot catch any threads.) They do not shift on my dog's feet and protect them from the elements. They might be a little hot in summer, but Ruffwear's summer boots do not have the knit top and I suspect they would fall off my dog's feet very quickly. One improvement that I would make is to have a string of some sort attached to the boots that can be hooked to something else, so that when they fall off they are still connected to a harness/collar, etc. At $15 a piece, they are expensive to replace. I will be doing something similar to mine so that I don't have to spend hours looking for his hind boots when they fall off.

    2 out of 5 **
    Dog's Name: Chaos
    Date of Review: 12/17/2015
    We kick up our paws in: MA
    My canine companion(s): Weimaraner

    Not Impressed

    Would you recommend this product?.: No

    Ordered single boots due to front paws being slightly larger than the back paws and the boots fell off as soon as he took a few steps. The quality of the boots look great, but I don't think they are a fit for my guy.

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