Restcycle Bed

  • Recycled Foam Bed

    The Ruffwear Restcycle™ Bed is for dogs that love to nest and humans who love to rest easy, knowing that they’ve made the sustainable choice. This mindfully built dog bed has a baffled construction with graded loft, inviting dogs to dig in, circle up, and settle down comfortably. Inside the baffles, the Restcycle™ foam, made from repurposed, post-manufacturing closed cell foam, can be shaped by dogs to create the perfect sleep shape, and then it locks together for supportive slumber. The Restcycle™ foam won’t pack out and is impervious to liquids and odors. The removable, machine-washable cover is made with recycled materials, and the integrated pillow topper (stuffed with recycled synthetic down) enhances nesting comfort. A built-in handle makes it easy to transport the Restcycle on road trips, and a waterproof base protects floor surfaces while maximizing warmth and comfort. From home base to base camp, the Restcycle Bed offers easy rest to nesting dogs and eco-conscious humans.

    • Recycled cover is removable, machine washable, and quick drying
    • Recycled microsuede sleeping surface is soft and long-wearing with built-in pillow topper
    • Pillow topper stuffed with recycled 300g polyester insulation provides plush comfort
    • Baffled mattress made with Restcycle™ foam retains its shape
    • Restcycle™ foam is repurposed post-manufacturing foam that remains dry and odor-free
    • Graded loft design allows nesting without packing out
    • Waterproof 600D TPE-coated recycled polyester base
    • Integrated handle for easy carrying
    • Made in Vietnam

    86.5 x 66 x 9 cm loft (34 x 26 x 3.5 in loft)


    Wash cover and mattress separately

    • Secure fasteners
    • Wash in cold water
    • Gentle cycle
    • Mild detergent
    • Air dry
    • Use commercial, front-loading washing machine
    • Wash in cold water
    • Gentle cycle
    • Mild detergent
    • Air dry
    For Both Components
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not iron
    • Do not dry clean

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